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Florida Rules and Regulations

1.  Persons aged 14 to 17 can drive with a parent on the back.
2.  Persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol
     not allowed to participate.
3.  Persons age 18 to 22 must complete Florida's Boaters Safety Course. 
     Test are available at all check-in spots. Open book 26 questions.
     Please come at least one hour prior to tour time for testing 
​4.  Balance must be paid at check in.
5.  CANCELLATIONS must be 48 hours prior to departure for refund.   
7.  Group Discounts 6 or more skis must call ( 305 ) 849-57567
8.  Maximum capacity per ski 450 lbs.

Jet Ski Rental
Key West Jet Ski Tours


    Advance Reservations suggested

​Key West Jet Ski Rental Tours

Friendly, certified Guides lead the way at full-throttle. But no worries. Ride at your own speed. Whatever speed is comfortable. Scenic stops are made at points of interest so that everyone can enjoy the scenery, take pictures and watch the wildlife. The stops also allow slower folks to catch up. 

The Key West Jet Ski Tour cruises the island city waters so that you see the sights - from the legendary Gulf of Mexico to the mighty Atlantic Ocean and back again.  Gaze at Cuba only 90 miles away from American waters.
Safe for all ages, no riding experience whatsoever is needed. 
Small children, seniors always welcome!
Se' habla espanol 
  •  Jet Skis Waverunners Safe and Fun
  •  To operate a jet ski, you must be 22 years old with photo I.D.
  •  Florida Law allows 18 to 21 year olds to pass a Boater Safety test

Double up on one jet ski
One price $120
Jet Ski Tour 
 Jet Ski at your own speed
Key West Jet Ski Rental
Life is Good on a Key West sandbar
Key West Jet Ski Tours
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 Tours Every Day   10:00 AM   12:00 PM   2:00 PM   4:00 PM 

Key West Jet Ski Tours
Call 305-619-3618

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